10 tips on improving your website search rankings.

10 tips on improving your website search rankings.

10 tips on improving your website search rankings. Get the most from your website.

Everyone is aware of the importance of website search engine rankings and securing your slot on page one of Google.

46% of website searches are made locally. 93% of online experiences start with a search engine.

Google is the most important search engine to be found on but mastering the art is quite another thing. Below, we give you some tips and pointers to help you grab your high indexing.

What every website should have.

  1. Your website needs to be built to work on mobile devices. From July 1st 2019, Google will only index new websites based on their mobile versions.
  2. Page speed. Your website should load for the end user as fast as possible. We are talking seconds here. Make sure everything on your webpage is needed and that there is no extra clutter slowing your page delivery down.
  3. The words you use. Google will rank your site higher if they deem your pages to provide value and resources to the person searching. Write your content for human beings, not Google!
  4. No meta tags. Google will blacklist your site if you stuff keywords throughout your meta tags. This practice stopped a couple of years ago.
  5. Be original. Create your own unique content. Don’t be tempted to plagiarise other people’s work. Google is more likely to rank your website higher for fresh original content.
  6. Update regularly. Contrary to popular belief, your website will perform better with regularly updated or new content.
  7. Go Local. Google provide a framework for listing your website in your local area. Visit, Google My Business, https://www.google.com/business/
  8. The images you use. Be sure that the pictures used on your website are labelled with descriptions and well chosen titles. It is widely thought that Google is placing more emphasis on image searches in the near future.
  9. Add a blog. Blogging about your business and providing valuable, searchable content to your visitors is a highly effective way of improving you search listings. Google will see your website as a good resource for information.
  10. Back links. Your website will perform better and carry more authority with Google and therefore achieve higher listings if more external sites and pages link back to your website. In the first instance, make sure that your social media accounts link back to your site.

A fantastic quote I heard was, “SEO is behind a locked door and Google has swallowed the key.” In summary, your website should be light, useful, easy to read and easy to navigate. Take a fresh look at your current pages and be honest. Are your current pages performing as they should.? If you are falling behind a little bit and you don’t have the time to look after your site, then give me call to see if I can help. We will start with a free site audit.

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