Six ways to improve your page rankings

1. Keyphrase strategy. Establish and learn the words and phrases that achieve higher listings on a website search for your type of business. Look at your competition but most importantly, never copy! Incorporate these phrases into the words on your website in a coherent and meaningful way. Ask yourself: “What did I search for on […]

A new website launched for Swindon based business.

Launched earlier in December, we have put together a new e-commerce website for Swindon based online retailer, Just Liquorice. The project included the creation of a logo and branding along with the design and build of a new E-Commerce website. Just Liquorice is the brainchild of a local Swindon based entrepreneur and set out to […]

Content marketing and why you should be doing it.

Get the most from your business website and provide your visitors with valuable information about the services you offer. Make your website useful and consider adding a blog to help your visitors solve their problems. What is content marketing?Simply put, you create rich content about your skills and pass on your expertise with how-to guides […]

8 principles of good web design

The building blocks to a good website. Everyone knows the importance of owning a business website but what are the ingredients for a successful website?Good website design can be divided up into key elements that ensure the best outcome for your user. 1.Clear, simple design.Over designing a website with too many elements that serve no real purpose […]

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