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Colin Stratford

There have obviously been huge changes in technology and speeds in the last 15 years I have been designing and managing websites but the fundamental principles have remained the same.

A well designed, intuitive layout along with highly optimised web design will always win the day and can very often impress your audience and convert browsers into buyers. Throw in some unique memorable graphics sprinkled with well crafted copy and your website is good to go.

Well, almost.

Websites should evolve and in truth are never in a finished state. Trends come and go, search engines change criteria and the screens your pages have to appear on alter size and quality almost monthly.

It can be tough to keep up. 

You need a website that is able to grow and develop as your business grows, a website that looks good on any device, a website that you can be confident in.

Colin Stratford. Business owner. 

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