Are you using too much we?

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A common problem with websites.

How’s that for a title? You know what it’s like to be cornered at a party by someone who constantly talks about themselves? Telling you how great they are, how many awards that have won etc…

Now flip that over to your website. Are you doing the same thing on your pages? We do this, we do that..we are amazing etc. if you are, then you are boring your customers to. People visit a website for answers, solutions, to fix a problem, not to find out how great YOU are!

By all means talk about yourself on your ‘About Us’ page, that’s what it’s for but even then, you can still demonstrate how you are experienced to help. Throughout the rest of your website, always make sure you are providing information and resources to your visitors. Quite frankly, nobody cares how many coffees you’ve had or that you have an office cat, or that your granddad started the company. Get straight to the point, help your customers and provide a useful service. Your customers will appreciate it and so will Google.

Your website is most often the first point of contact with you. Are you conveying the right message?

Are you using too much we?